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    Company Introduction

    Company IntroductionDevelopment HistoryCorporate PositioningCorporate CultureHonorsEnterprise Exhibition HallGoal And Vision

    Founded in 2006, Shanghai A&I Group has been providing high-efficiency process solutions for advanced manufacturing industries such as automobile, aerospace, heavy industry, new energy, and medical equipment. A&I has non-standard automation equipment, intelligent manufacturing system as well as the ability to design, develop, manufacture and serve after sale for the traditional fixture, measuring and checking tools, molds&dies. The company continues to develop and has become a technology-based enterprise integrating R&D, manufacturing and sales. With headquarters in Yangpu District in Shanghai, it also has plants in Shanghai Zhoupu, Kangqiao, Jiading, Wuhan Hannan, Jiangxia, Changchun, Chongqing and Nanchang, and branches in Hong Kong and Germany.
           Based on the business philosophy of “promoting the culture of family and being the butler of global advanced manufacturing industry”, A&I has broken the traditional manufacturing product-based business model, and innovated a "Butler-like Plant" mode. After years of accumulated efforts, A&I has successfully built a stable cooperative partnership with many manufacturing brands, such as SAIC Motor, Shanghai SDS, SAGW, SHAC, Haterbur, NTC China, HT-SAAE, etc.
           A&I values talents and has a total number of 600 employees. Its innovative talent team has obtained nearly 200 invention patents and utility model patents.
           “Engage the wisdom of global workers; Make China’s intelligent manufacturing infinite possibility.” Standing on the rise of “China's Smart Manufacturing”, Shanghai A&I Group will firmly promote the butler service, continuously improve the intelligent manufacturing management system and constantly strive for the goal of “being the leader in the manufacturing industry”.

    The chairman introduction